Arctic Units - Wall Lights

Create your own light


Solu Arctic Units is a revolutionary lighting concept. The light consists of 13x13 cm glass tiles with an integrated housing for led and wires. Buy as many units as you want and combine them in the order you want. You can add lights and change your set-up later. Choose glasses from the growing collection to decorate your personal interior. It is flat and modular - an ideal lighting fixture for halls, corridors and staircases, for example. The shiny glass tiles make this light a beautiful design element… even in daylight!


Arctic Units are easy to install and connect by anyone. The 1 W ledlights are wired with quick connectors…..plug and play!


Light source: Led (12V/1W)

Light amount: 80 Lumen (one unit)

Light color: Warm white (3000K)

Waterproof: Light IP44, Driver IP50 (dry space)

Material: Glass, Plastic

Size: 130 x 130 x 20mm