Arctic Sky - wall lights

Northern lights on your wall


Arctic Sky is made of Arctic Crystal glass where thousands of glass pieces together with light spots make a beautiful glint all over the panel. You can select your choice of colors, changing at the frequency you desire.

Use this modular system to create a nice Northern lights -effect on your wall.


The light source is White or RGBW LED. The panel can also be used with an optic fiber projector. Thanks to optic fiber there are no electrical components inside the panel. Therefore Arctic Sky is suitable also for hot environments like saunas and steam rooms.


Light source: LED White or RGBW (700mA/7W)

Light amount: 500 Lumen

Light color: Warm white (3000K)

Waterproof: IP44

Materials: Glass, aluminium

Size: 500 x 500 x 30mm


Click here to see Arctic Sky video.